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We are now sold out of all printed versions of the Bentley Guide, with no plans of re-printing at this time. We are continuing to update our information through our BentleyOnline web-based subscription, so if you want the most recent information or the ability to inventory your items for sale or for insurance, join us online!

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BENTLEY Market Corner

We publish items for Longaberger Consultants and Collectors to help value your Longaberger Baskets and Products. We are completely independent from The Longaberger Company. Our goal is to further the collectibility of these beautiful items by educating collectors with accurate history and secondary market information.

Our products include:
    The Bentley Guide
    • Full-color collectors Guide, approx 300 pages
    • Over 1800 individual photos of all items back to 1979
    • Market values from actual selling market transactions
    • Basket Fun Facts throughout
    • Tools to help you identify, inventory and appraise your own Longaberger Baskets and Products, including Longaberger Pottery, Wrought Iron, WoodCrafts and more.

    Bentley Guide Online
    Access all of the same information that is published in our book, right online! Photos! Values! Details! Bentley Guide Online is a subscription based service that allows you to view items as well as create an inventory of your Longaberger Baskets and Products. You can also buy a block of values to view information whenever you need it while online. Great tool to help sell Longaberger Baskets & Products on eBay, or other online sources. More info...

    • Hostess Gifts
    • Tabs to help you use your Bentley Guide more efficiently
    • Collectors Checklists to help you take inventory of your Longaberger collection
    • Basket Brushes to help you take care of your baskets
    • Other fun things for the BASKET CRAZY in all of us!
    More info ...

We try to collect a large variety of information from a large variety of markets: Internet, person-to-person, dealers, stores, or auctions. Please remember that your market could, and most likely is, very different from other markets. What is selling "hot" on the West coast may be "dead" in Dresden, or vice versa.

The Bentley Guide is based on actual selling prices and most of the research we gather comes from Collectors like you! Help us accurately represent your area ... REPORT YOUR TRANSACTIONS TO US!

Click HERE to find how you can send us your results, whenever you buy, sell or trade. The more results we have, the more accurate your Guide will be.