About The Bentley Collection Guide
The Bentley Collection Guide®
    Publisher:.............J.Phillip, Inc.
    Location:..............Delaware, Ohio
    Phone number:..........1-800-837-4394
    Mailing Address:.......597 Sunbury Road, Delaware OH 43015
    Year Started:..........1993
    Current Edition:.......2006 Edition, published June 2006.
    Next Edition:..........2007 Edition, expected to be released June 2007.
    Number of Employees:...5
History of The Bentley Collection Guide
The Bentley Collection Guide® is completely independent of The Longaberger Company® and is the only comprehensive collectors guide for Collectors, Consultants and Enthusiasts of Longaberger Baskets®. Now in our 2006 Edition, this annual publication includes information on collector series baskets and retired products from 1979 to the current year. It provides secondary market values, original prices, quantities produced, distinguishing features and much more. Fun historical facts are also threaded throughout. The full-color, 250 page Guide features individual photographs and includes a supplemental Collector’s Checklist to help inventory collections, including the Regular Line products.

The Longaberger Company® estimates over 2 million collectors nationwide. While the largest concentration of collectors falls in the Midwest and Northeast states, there is growing activity and interest nationwide. A Collectors Club was introduced by the company in November 1995 and saw an enrollment of over 146,000 members within its first year. In its first four years, their Collectors Club grew to be considered the fifth largest collectors club in the nation, placed right behind Hummels, which has been in existence for over 20 years! For Collectors, the Bentley Collection Guide facilitates activity in the secondary market, helps organize collections for insurance purposes, and features sections to assist in identifying and valuing baskets.

With the help of over 75,000 Sales Consultants in all 50 states, The Longaberger Company® sells their products through the home-party plan. For these Consultants, The Bentley Collection Guide® provides an essential product history by reporting and picturing products that they may have never seen before. It is an educational tool for new Consultants and a customer service device for customers who want to learn more about the value of their baskets and the history of the company. The Bentley Guide is not only an interesting report of Longaberger product history, but an essential reference tool for any enthusiast. It introduces a whole new world of basket collecting!

Along with the Bentley Collection Guide, J.Phillip, Inc. also publishes information in a web-based format for Collectors to take inventory of their collectibles on their computer. The Collectibles Database® application uses information directly from collectible guides, so that collectors do not need to spend endless hours entering information. They just locate the item they own, click a button and all of the information, including picture and value moves over into their own file. It’s as easy as that! Updating is automatic throughout the year! Already formatted reports allow the collector to easily print off a copy or email their inventory to their insurance agent. This application is a subscription-based service and is available not only for Longaberger Basket collectors, but is also available for other collectibles, such as Hummels®, Precious Moments®, Cherished Teddies™, Boyds Bears®, Harmony Kingdom®, and more.

For more information about The Bentley Collection Guide® or the Collectibles Database® program, please call 1-800-837-4394, or go to our website at www.jphillip.com.

History of The Longaberger Company

Longaberger Baskets® and Products® are hand-made items produced in Dresden, Ohio. This private company has been selling baskets, wood items and basket accessories through the home-party plan since 1979. The history of the company starts with J.W. Longaberger, who started weaving these high-quality baskets to support a family of twelve back in the 1940’s. His son, Dave, saw more than beauty in the baskets and started to sell them through retail stores in 1976. Not until Dave was introduced to home-parties in 1979, did he find the real outlet for sharing the history of his baskets with so many customers. The Longaberger Company® is now directed by his daughter, Tami Longaberger.

While the Longaberger Company® does have a regular line of products that is always available through home parties, many of their products are only available for a short period of time. Once a product is retired, it can only be acquired through dealers and collectors on the secondary market, very similar to how baseball cards or Hummels are collected. As with other collectibles, many Longaberger Baskets® and Products® increase in value once they are no longer available directly from The Longaberger Company®, which creates a demand in the secondary market.

J.Phillip, Inc. is in no way affiliated with, authorized, endorsed or licensed by The Longaberger Company¨. We are completely independent companies. The Longaberger Company in no way sets, reviews, approves or determines the secondary market prices published in these products. All basket names are trademarks registered and owned by The Longaberger Company and J.Phillip, Inc. has no interest therein.